One in five low-income women report a lack of access to period supplies (an estimated 100,000+ women and girls in Northeast Florida). This health and safety issue is linked to using substitute products (toilet tissue, socks, rags, etc.), stretching product usage, and missing work, school and similar events. Furthermore, menstrual products are not eligible for purchase in safety net programs such as SNAP (food stamps) and WIC.

SPECIAL REPORT:   How access to period products removes a barrier to education

SPECIAL REPORT: How access to period products removes a barrier to education


Anyone who’s ever had a period knows, menstrual supplies are an absolute necessity. Renewing Dignity, in collaboration with partnering organizations, is dedicated to providing these essential period products to women and girls who can’t afford them.


How Can You Help?

  • Talk with your friends and make them aware of this critical issue facing women and girls.

  • Donate Today - By leveraging the purchasing power and distribution channels of our partner, Feeding Northeast Florida, your contribution to Renewing Dignity has a greater impact, Consider a recurring donation for a sustaining impact!

  • Donate period products at a Dignity Drive or drop them off at Feeding Northeast Florida or your favorite Shelter or Food Pantry.

  • Host a Dignity Drive at your home or office. (Contact us for more info on how to do this!)

  • Sign up for our emails and stay informed and engaged!

We are just getting started! 

Together, we have addressed over 7,445 periods for people in need!